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Sandy is online now

Hi, I’m Sandy⇯,

Are you an international student at Bielefeld University? I am here to assist you in university matters and beyond. I am your virtual assistant available 24/7. I’m still in the development phase, that’s why I need your suggestions and questions to enrich my self-learning data-knowledge. You can contribute by sharing your experiences and recommendations through Help Me Page in our website. 

Examples of questions that could be asked:
Where can I play football?
Do you know any restaurant near to university?
Where is the International office?

I would also like to invite you to participate in the Focused Group Discussion (FGD). In case you’re interested, please confirm your participation in FDG by filling this form out.

⇯ Sandy is a virtual assistant aimed to support the international students in their daily needs developed by a master’s student at our university as a part of his master’s thesis project. It is supported by the International Student Council(ISR). We appreciate your participation to take part in developing this project.
Please feel free to leave any suggestions through contact me page.