Sandy Skills

Here are some examples of Sandy Skills.

Where can I find residents for students?
I’m looking for a room.




where i can use computer
Can the university help me to fix my broken laptop?

What to do in the city?
Things to do in Bielefeld

What students clubs are there in the university?
Where is the university pub?

Do we have Table tennis in uni
What is the Hochschulsport schedule?

I found a bag what shall I do
What to do if I lost my unicard?

what to eat today ?
Where can I find the Mensa menu?

Where is Mensa?
where is isr ?

When are ISR office hours?
when mensa is open ?

Do you know any restaurant near to university?
where i can eat near uni ?

where i can print or scan ?
Where can i print my thesis?

I want to learn russian
Where can I find german courses?

Do you have financial support ?
I need a scholarship.

how can I generate the semester ticket ?
where i can drive with my semsters ticket ?

where is the nearest supermarkt ?
where I can do shopping ?

where i can go for exercise ?
Does university has a gym?

what should I do to get a new Unicard?
where I can get a new student ID ?

Sandy Skills will not include the Small Talk conversation

Sandy project: This project is an open-end project, in which we will not be able to add all the skills in one time. So please, if you think there are some more skills we need to add or improve it, you are always welcome to contact us via eMail or just share it with Sandy in chat box. or just share it with Sandy in chat box. or just share it with Sandy in chat box.